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The market demands push suppliers for shorter lead times and to improved quality . These challenges, combined with high labor costs and staffing problems, create difficulties for any industry. The solution lies in the intelligent automation of production processes. Modern robotic systems are much more productive than manual labor, pay for themselves in short terms and have a minimal need for maintenance. The result is more parts produced in less time with less cost.

We, at Automatix, offer robot deployment for repetitive tasks that deliver greater accuracy, efficiency, high quality and faster product release on the market. This has a significant impact on the final financial result. The continuous development of collaborative and industrial robots expands the application possibilities in different sectors of industry. The applications for robots are practically limitless, mostly finding application in areas with high repeatability of operations like:

A way to implement a robotic system requires the design and development of mechanisms responsible for each step of the process.

Automatix gripper model DBF-21 has been designed and manufactured especially for palletizing robots. - линк към производство на нестандартни хващачи

Automatix, as a robot integrator, helps customers tackle different problems and issues. The integration itself is a process that includes research, concept design, selection of robot and additional hardware, 3D design, manufacturing and delivery of components, assembly and commissioning. For more complex projects and specific needs, if necessary, a simulation of the process is done to verify the expected result. The result of the implementation of industrial robots is the reduction of every single work cycle and increased productivity.

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