RoboTend is a specialized robot feeder, developed by Automatix as a response to the market needs and demand for automation, efficiency and reliability. We are led by our experience in industrial and collaborative robots integration and constant willingness and desire to improve. RoboTend is designed as an element in production processes optimization. 

Technical SpecificationsTechnical Specifications
  • RoboTend is a universal automation unit with changeable, universal parts tray. It is designed to accommodate all part types.
  • RoboTend has compact dimensions – 1000/1420/830 (H/W/L) mm
  • Mechanical or Air locking systems available. Airlocks runs on digital I/O.
  • Integrated compartment for controler box and for external PLC.
  • RoboTend tray is 600mm wide. 2 to 10 trays are available as standard. It can handle workpieces up to 160 mm in height with a tray load up to 100 kg.
  • Compact robot work cell, perfectly made for a great number of different applications for processing of all kinds of materials.
  • RoboTend cell can be easily moved with a fork-lift. That ensures high mobility and possibility to use the product on several positions /production lines during the working day.
  • Quick change over time makes RoboTend suitable for small and medium production series.
  • RoboTend is universal for all types of robots.
  • The mounting plate is angled at 45 degrees to maximize the reach of the robot.



RoboTend is crafted with precision engineering to guarantee accurate and consistent material supply to your machines. It precisely presents parts to the machine, ensuring optimal positioning for efficient and accurate processing.


Turbocharge your production line with RoboTend's high-speed operation. Enjoy faster cycle times, increased throughput, and a significant boost in overall productivity.


RoboTend slashes cycle times, maximizing machine output and directly contributing to revenue growth, thus ensuring rapid ROI.


Robotend is easy for integration and can be quickly deployed. Furthermore, we provide our customers with expeditious lead time.


Optimize your production processes, reduce downtime, and enhance overall efficiency. RoboTend is your key to achieving peak performance in machine tending.


RoboTend is adaptable to various industries, including metalworking, plastics manufacturing, automotive and more. Customize its capabilities to suit your specific production needs.


Count on RoboTend for consistent and reliable material handling. Experience a high standard of precision in your manufacturing operations.


Stay ahead of the curve with RoboTend's cutting-edge technology. Embrace the future of automation and position your business for sustained success.

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