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Grippers Production of customized grippers Automatix offers a wide variety of grippers with corresponding designs and functions that are suitable for different applications. The choice of a particular gripper for a given application comes down to a number of factors related to the specific requirements, with the type of objects that the robot or manipulator will work with – their size, weight, shape, orientation, etc. being of primary importance.
  • Robot grippers can be interchanged to perform a variety of tasks, as well as designed with more than one function to enable multiple processes to be performed from the same device with a single assembly.
  • Pneumatic grippers are among the most applicable solutions in production, as they allow easy integration and are characterized by high power at relatively small dimensions. Among the tools for robots, grippers are the most widely used due to the great potential for automating precisely the assembly and pick-and-place tasks in industrial production, which require taking an object from the production line and placement at another location.
    Vacuum grippers with suction cups are a relatively cheap and flexible solution for use with objects of different shapes, sizes and fragility. However, they cannot grip perforated parts due to the impossibility of creating the necessary vacuum between them and the device.
    Magnetic grippers work on a similar principle, but are limited to working with metal products. Magnetic force, unlike compressed air and vacuum, is a constant quantity and does not require power and, accordingly, costs for generation. In this way, there is no risk of dropping the object being manipulated if the supply of electricity or pressurized air is interrupted. Among their advantages are the simplified design and low maintenance requirements.
  • Automatix provides solutions aimed at robotic welding with high precision, as well as specialized tools for industrial robots related to painting and coating. This makes them a preferred alternative to human labor in sectors such as the automotive industry, as well as industries that require an even and smooth application of the respective material.
  • The dynamics of the technological market in the field of tooling for industrial robots and manipulators pushes manufacturers to develop hybrid solutions that ensure the performance of more than one type of task with the same device. Custom grippers manufactured by Automatix support product diversification without the need for large capital investments in individual systems.
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