Machine vision systemssystems

Machine vision provides innovative solutions for a number of tasks in the field of industrial automation. Visual inspection systems (machine vision) automatically register defects and irregularities in the type of products compared to a predetermined sample in production. This includes deformation, different geometry, different color of a detail or of the entire object, and others. An inspection zone can be set to monitor for changes within acceptable limits.

Computer vision can completely replace the human eye in critical applications – in repeatable processes, aggressive industrial environments, the need for extremely high detail accuracy, etc.

What is included in the machine vision?

The solutions we use cover all industrial applications in which it is necessary to ensure precise and reliable management of production processes and machines, through the capture and processing of images. Our range of solutions and products is diverse – from smart cameras to complex visual systems.

What are the benefits of machine vision?

1. Increase quality in the production process through full automation with minimum errors

2. Responds to modern industrial requirements by reducing production costs and minimizing the rate of complaints

3. Deliver fast and accurate results for a wide range of industrial applications with an emphasis on safety

For any high-tech industrial production today, machine vision is an integral part of it. Automatic visual control and geometric measurement of products are the basis of computer vision.

Implementing an efficient machine vision system is different depending on the application for which it will be used.

We, at Automatix offer a visual inspection such as:

  • Identification - reading barcodes, letters and numbers
  • Measurement - locating and checking for specific requirements
  • Inspection - identification of irregularities and manufacturing defects

In some cases, the inspection must be able to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable variants of the products or defects in them. In certain applications, the operator must judge whether the orientation and arrangement of objects is correct.

There is no automated visual inspection system that can handle all tasks and is suitable for every application in industrial production.

For many manufacturing applications, combined solutions involving machine and human vision are suitable, where the success rate of detecting defects is higher than that of traditional human inspection.

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