Collaborative robotsrobots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, have revolutionized the global industry in the last decade. Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobot are designed for safe collaboration with humans in a shared workspace. They give the business flexibility through easy and rapid change in application in the manufacturing. Automating monotonous and mundane activities in Your company increases efficiency and makes you more competitive. This gives your employees the opportunity to focus on more complex and responsible tasks, thus lifting up their motivation.

Cobots can provide a huge variety of applications in a number of industries. The intuitive software allows almost unlimited number of actions, quick integration, easy changes and support. One of the biggest assets of cobots is their affordability, which provides quick ROI (often a year). Depending on the technical requirements, cobots can automate:

Automatix provides the opportunity to integrate easy and fast cobot solution. We incorporate a customized approach for each project, considering the needs and requirements of our customers. We design and develop the robotic system, select the proper standard or custom grippers, robot model, additional components and hardware, assembly and running.

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