General terms

I. Subject

Art. 1. These general conditions are intended to regulate the relations between Automatix EOOD, EIK 200044689 and the customers, hereinafter referred to as users/consumers, of the corporate website -, hereinafter referred to as the "website".

II. Supplier details

Art. 2. Information according to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

1. Name of the Supplier: Automatix EOOD

2. Headquarters and address of management/performance of activity: Sofia, Samokov Blvd. No. 11 A, office 118  

3. Correspondence details: 0887336568, e-mail:

4. Entry in public registers: EIK 200044689

5. Supervisory authorities:

5.1. Commission for the Protection of Personal Data

Address: Sofia 1592, Prof. Blvd. Tsvetan Lazarov" No. 2,

phone: (02) 940 20 46

fax: (02) 940 36 40



5. 2 . Consumer Protection Commission

Address: 1000 Sofia, "Slaveikov" square #4A, floors 3, 4 and 6,

tel.: 02 / 980 25 24

fax: 02 / 988 42 18

hotline: 0700 111 22


6. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act No. BG 113556941

III. Website Features

Art. 3. The website is available at the Internet address, through which Users have the opportunity to inform themselves about the goods/services offered by the website, including the following:

1. To perform lawful actions for viewing the website and using the services to provide information;

2. To make electronic statements in connection with the conclusion or execution of contracts with the website through the interface of the website page or through external services of third parties available on the Internet;

3. To enter into contracts for the purchase and sale and delivery of the goods/services offered by the website;

4. To receive information about new goods/services offered by the website;

5. To review the goods/services, their characteristics and prices;

6. To be notified of the rights arising from the law primarily through the interface of the website page on the Internet;

Art. 4. informs about the goods/services and guarantees the rights of the Users provided by law, within the framework of good faith, accepted in practice, consumer or commercial law criteria and conditions.

Art. 5. (1) Users conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of the goods/services offered by the website by contacting the employees of

(2) Pursuant to the contract concluded with the Users for the purchase and sale of goods/services, undertakes to transfer ownership to the User of the goods specified by him and to provide the services specified by him.

(3) Users shall pay the Supplier remuneration for the delivered goods/services in accordance with the conditions set on the site and these general terms and conditions. The remuneration is equal to the price announced by the Supplier.

Art. 6. (1) The user and agree that all statements between them in connection with the conclusion and execution of the sales contract can be made electronically and through electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and Art. 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.

IV. Website usage

Art. 7. 

(1) By pressing the button to confirm the general terms and conditions, the personal data policy and the cookie policy at , the User declares that he is familiar with these general terms and conditions, the personal data policy and the cookie policy , agrees with their content and undertakes to abide by them unconditionally.

V. Special obligations of . Consumer protection.

Art. 8. The rules of this section VI of these general terms and conditions apply to Users who, according to the data specified for the conclusion of the sales contract or when registering on the website, it can be concluded that they are users within the meaning of the Law on consumer protection, the Electronic Commerce Act and/or Directive 2011/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2011.

Art. 9. (1) The main characteristics of the goods/services offered by are defined in the profile of each good/service on the website.

(2) The price of goods/services including all taxes is determined by in the profile of each product/service on the website site.

(3) Users agree that all information required by the Consumer Protection Act can be provided through the platform interface on the website or by e-mail.

Art. 16. (1) provides the goods/services to the user after verifying the fulfillment of the requirements for providing information to the user according to the Consumer Protection Act.

(2) The user and agree that the requirements under para. 1 will be complied with if the authentication is performed by a person who, according to the circumstances, can be inferred to pass on the information to the user - a party to the contract.

VI. protection of personal data

Art. 17. (1) undertakes measures to protect the User's personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

(2) For reasons of security of the Users' personal data, will send the data only to the e-mail address specified by the Users.

(3) adopts and announces on its website a Policy for the protection of personal data.

(4) Users agree that has the right to process their personal data necessary for the performance of the contract.

Art. 18. At any time, has the right to require the User to identify himself and to certify the authenticity of the actions he has performed within the site.

VII. Amendment and access to the general conditions

Art. 19. These general conditions can be amended at any time by

Art. 20. publishes these general conditions on the site together with all additions and amendments to them.