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Automatix projects include: Integration of collaborative robot UR10

Competition in parts manufacturing demands ever shorter lead times, lower margins and flexibility. These new challenges, combined with rising labor costs and staffing shortages, make it difficult for any production. The solution is automation with a collaborative robot that works side by side with humans and optimizes machine time.

An operator loads a raster cart with 100 parts. It locks into position to ensure process repeatability and accuracy. In this particular case, an additional station has been added for repositioning the work piece and changing the gripper‘s grip. A double gripper has been developed and designed for the specific case, which allows, after the processed part is removed from the machine, to immediately load raw material for processing. In this way, the work process is optimized and the cycle time is reduced. After the entire cart of 100 parts is processed, an operator replaces it with a new one, so the process is not interrupted. In this case, the customer got 5 hours of autonomous operation of the robot with the machine. The robotic system is tailored and implemented according to machine safety requirements and standards. A laser scanner with several areas of operation is installed. It detects human presence and the robot slows down or stops at different proximity.

Additional options, such as the possibility of finishing operations on a part: - Drying - Washing - Removal of edges - Turning of a part - Visual control – Statistics;

To quickly change a part of different size and shape, takes only a few minutes for the operator to change the machine chuck, the robot gripper and the raster plate on the part carriage. The result is more detail in less time and cost!

  • Human factor A valuable human resource is freed up for more important and creative activities. The human factor is no longer relevant and lack of personnel is no longer a problem.
  • Precision High precision and guaranteed results for each series of details.
  • Efficiency Increased efficiency in the working hours of each machine.
  • Planning Quick response to orders for both short and long runs. Average time per part is guaranteed.
  • Profit Lower labor costs and reduced machine time result in better profit per unit.
  • Productivity A smart station with a robot is 30% to 130% more productive than an operator. For you, this means more details and faster order fulfillment.
  • Expenses Our robotic solutions would cost you over 6x less per operator hour and free up valuable human resources for more creative activities.
  • An investment Robotization is reliable with a quick payback of 1 to 3 years. Minimal maintenance costs.

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