Machines Production of non-standard machines Production of machines and lines, facilities and non-standard equipment is one of the focuses of Automatix. We construct, design, manufacture and implement machines according to the client's order, with the aim of automating various production processes.
  • A concept and conceptual design is created when the client provides an assignment and the availability of input parameters and requirements for a given machine. For some specific applications and non-standard machines, it is required to create a simulation to verify the correct execution of a certain task and the expected results.
  • After approval and finalization of the assignment, the next stage is 3D design and preparation of 2D drawings of the model elements. The finished drawings are sent for production.
  • Automatix will create for you a custom non-standard type of machine, compliant with all regulations and standards necessary to achieve the greatest functionality of the production process.
  • The end result is a physical machine or product that maximally meets the requirements of your assignment.

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