Cookies Policy

In addition to the information you provide yourself in the various forms, we inform you that we use "Cookies" ("Cookies") to optimize and update our website and thus provide a good and tailored internet service. The data we receive through the use of "Cookies" on our site never discloses personally identifiable information.
"Cookies" are text files that are stored on your digital device and/or retrieved through your browser on the hard drive of the device you are using. They allow to "remember" user actions or preferences when working on the Internet. Most browsers support cookies. Users can set their browsers so that cookies are not remembered or are deleted at a certain time.

I. Use of "Cookies"

1. We use cookies to:
1.1. Remember user preferences;
1.2. To determine how many times a visitor has visited the website;
1.3. To determine the duration of a visit to the website.
2. "Cookies" can also be used for online behavioral targeting advertising, to show ads related to something the user has already searched for.
3. The use of "Cookies" helps us monitor the traffic of our site and analyze how easily our users work with it - Google Analytics cookies. These "Cookies" do not give us any information about your personal data. They show us which pages of our site you have viewed, whether you visited it via a mobile or desktop device, and other anonymous data. We also use IP anonymization for Google Analytics.
4. We use the Facebook Pixel to collect statistical information about visits to our site, which we need for market research. Data collected in this way are anonymous to us, i.e. we do not receive information about the identity of users.
5. Since the data is stored and processed by Facebook, we apply a link to the privacy and personal data protection policy of Facebook and the products, functionalities and tools offered by it:
6. Your access to social networks such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and others requires separate registration and acceptance of the general conditions of these sites. Automatics Ltd. is not responsible for the protection of your personal data upon acceptance of these general terms and conditions. Please familiarize yourself with them in detail.
7. We thank you for your trust and assure you that we comply with the requirements for the processing of personal data of natural persons and their protection, as well as the rules regarding the free movement of personal data.

II. Categories of personal data recipients

8. Automatix Ltd. does not transfer to other organizations (recipients) part or all of the personal data processed after visiting the site.

III. Period of storage of personal data

9. We store your personal data for a period not longer than necessary for the purposes for which we process it (until the end of the auction).
10. After this period expires, we delete and destroy all your data without undue delay.
11. Automatics EOOD stores the personal data that it is required to keep under the applicable legislation for the relevant stipulated period, which may exceed the period of the purposes for which we process them.

IV. Data security

12. We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent accidental loss or unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure of personal data. We have built and maintain a Personal Data Protection System. Authorized employees process personal data only on the basis of our instructions and in accordance with their obligation of confidentiality. In the event of a breach of personal data security, we will immediately carry out the procedures provided for in the Personal Data Protection System. We will notify the supervisory authority and the data subjects of the personal data breach without undue delay and where practicable — no later than 72 hours after we become aware of it.

V. Rights of the subject of personal data

13. We will provide you, upon request, any information that relates to data processing in a concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible form, in clear and simple language.
14. Your rights in the processing and storage of your personal data are:
14.1. Right to information and access;
14.2. Right to rectification of data;
14.3. Right to delete data;
14.4. Right to restriction of data processing;
14.5. Right to data portability;
14.6. Right to object;
14.7. Right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority.
15. In the event of a violation of your rights, according to the legislation on the protection of personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority:

Personal Data Protection Commission (PCPD)

Headquarters and address of management:

Sofia 1592, Prof. Blvd. Tsvetan Lazarov" 2

Correspondence details:

IMPORTANT! In order to submit a complaint to the CPDP electronically (at CPDP e-mail), the complaint must be formatted as an electronic document signed with a qualified electronic signature. CPLD does not consider complaints scanned and submitted to CPLD e-mail that are not signed with a qualified electronic signature. Changes to the privacy policy.

Automatix Ltd. may change this Policy at any time. All changes will be immediately brought to the attention of the persons concerned.